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by ben horne / zoom loco

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here is the complete collection of songs ben recorded with the band no sunlite for the media:


released December 31, 2007


tags: folk Annandale


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ben horne / zoom loco Annandale, Virginia

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Track Name: Triumph of the Profits
3. Triumph of the Profits (5:30)
[Samples: Yma Sumac “Virigin of the Sun God”, New Birth “Patiently”, Bill Cosby “Get Out of My Life Woman”, 7-11 “Slurp”, Lost Generation “The Sly, Slick, and Wicked”, Pope John XXIII “Papal Blessing, St. Peter’s Square”]

I don't re-up, I read up how freedom got cheated
& beat up with beatdowns from clowns ‘n’ bottom feeders
Should be some rules so fools don't fall with ease
Cos for sheez there are weeds that can pull down the trees
Uprooting our seeds as wolves pull more than strings
So I sing as I bleed they pull cash ‘n’ push things
I hear forcing of rhymes not porcelain chimes
Of course in the times of Porsche ‘n’ airlines
They bombard, bomb ‘n’ shell us, compelled thus to tell us
We need a distraction as whoreporations ‘n’ sellers
Out-wit us, admit it’s the bi-eulogy of fitness
By attrition they split us, can I get a witness?
Are you with this outrageous display that’s on stages?
I rage ‘n’ I pray I'm the prey that evades this
& brakes the tackles ‘n’ shackles of hectic
Marketing madness - their deck I inspected
It's stacked so expect profits will break rekkerds
Of sales while entrails get ripped- we're left naked
Not naturally selected, they rule unelected
We’re humble in trouble while biz profits triple
We’re all guilty bystanders, get ready

I can’t afford to filthy my standards
Hear more ‘n’ be a guilty bystander
This outlandish bandwidth – time to get off it
Forewarn ‘n’ forestall the triumph of the profits

Who's hot who's not, who shot tupac
Who’s got you locked, down buying blue hot rocks?
No dice to entice me with life that is dicey
I know life ‘n’ if right I'll get chance to go twice
Cos I got what I need so I speed on my knees
Got to guard my seeds in this death valley
From the fallow wind thru the gallows of heckling
Flee on foot from the shadows, the death valet's beckoning
You can read of the wrath in Isaiah the prophet
They tread another path saying 'I played you' for profit
There’s slayer ‘n’ ravers but better’s a savior
I'd rather leave played poor than retire a player
Try to digest this before they’re sly enuff to divest us
Of the learning then burn me on a spit that is turning
These stadium fillers are radio killers
Think thrice bout their ice when they claim that it’s iller
I see some of these rollers roll unholy
I roll with the force of obi wan kenobi
I know we try to trounce these foes for surely
But noting victory comes hard ‘n’ slowly
Annandalien invasion -- the nation, awaits them
My anthem's to throw a vigilante tantrum
I suppose it’s like Moses, let my people know this
Don’t bow no-how to a calf that’s golden
I vote strategic, I'm pledge allegic
Allergic to the words some verbs be misreaded
No street cred the man'll handle words that we've said
I keep the prophecy still unspoken secret
When these bloated goats give their oaths repeated
Release the truth for the sheep to bleat it
From heaven manna's leavened rolled ‘n’ kneeded
The sowing's almost done, let’s begin to reap it

To fence-sit together's a menace to forever
Life’s four score ‘n’ you should live ‘n’ more better
When Math lists four letters it’s for more than poor weather
It’s about police brutality, Jana tell how it be

We’re anti po-po ‘n’ pro papa
No justice, yo trust us, better tell a copper
Christ dove then rose up like a heli-chopper
For raising hell then rising up - I give hella propers

Maybe you never heard of that, just lust ‘n’ hurried wrath
Enuff words ‘n’ murder baths, must learn to spurn their trash
I know ‘n’ I represent for fi-lo
Insane in the brain save my grain in silos
Not missiles, my style’s for peace vs. conspiracy
Hear ye, we've nearly, cleared their fears - searing
Eyes open ‘n’ hope when we have awoken
Pledge to leave the year with third-tier lies broken
Unearth the track, unleash the last act
Unlearn the hate, yearn for the past back
Sever what’s sinful ‘n’ drop the murder rate
Heavier than mental, my hip hop’s absurd to rate
Curmudgeon, not budging, when they got me in the dungeon
Might waver, don’t cave, I'm crazed but never crave
Escape ‘n’ traipse the world to make tapes
I divine the mind to guide thru the closed gate
Not Abram or Jacob but I'm Abel to jake them
A Tribe Called Benjamin, got the name cos I take them
Ain’t a saint, so this aint, the rekkerd you expected
You're Cain, still you cain't take steps to eject it

(Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto)

Dona nobis pacem, pacem
Naughty police – watch them stop them
We keep cops that shot up often
Weep as our peeps dropped in coffins
Track Name: Eponine Was Right
Eponine Was Right (4:18) [Ben: verses ‘n’ song, Math: choruses, recorder ‘n’ guitar; Jana: background vocals]
[Referent: Eponine: “And rain will make the flowers grow”]
I searched ‘n’ searched these words/Couldn’t find a trend in it/Trying to be first/Doesn’t build thee innocence
It’s hurt or be hurt/I see cost but no benefit/Feeling worse ‘n’ worse/Need acetaminophen…
-Rental mentality/Befriended by a fallacy/Humanity pause wrong penalty drawn/Our song will end inevitably…
The rain all coming down/Going out for the fun of it/The water sweeping round/Getting all wrapped up in it
Can’t throw in the towel/Caught up in the current flow/Rain has drenched me now/I hope it makes the flowers bloom…

I have to draw a line/On some things I wouldn’t budge/Best to try to climb/To know that it should be tough
You need ample time/To see ideas you wouldn’t touch/Pray it will be fine/I pray my prayers are good enough…

Maze of haze ‘n’ ways/I hadn’t found so easily/A decent living wage/But am I living decently
A vision of my route/Came into place recently/I have made my peace/But haven’t done it peaceably…

When I play my part /I feel so much better then/Hope ‘n’ hurt ‘n’ heart/We can’t hope to measure them
Track Name: Lyrical Lunar Lasers
Lyrical Lunar Lasers (3:25)
Hawgit! (Electric)
Bass hi-hat kick snare kick it/Cast spells not votes cos the media tricked it/Math ‘n’ Ben are back again ain’t no trend/No Sunlite friends are the freshest kin/My bro brings it back to basics that are different than yrs/What we do for fun you’d consider chores/So the brake hits saved OH! by kinesthetics/Synesthesia bound to please you hearing colors on the rekkerds/Oh ‘n’ then a bass shake neighbor/We’ll make you see visions half-satyr-half-Nader/See I walked in yr genre ‘n’ I’m gonna be honest/Do you like staying stuck or is the fashion that dominant? See I seen more pawns in here then I seen in chess club ‘n’ heck you’ve never seen an NSFTM best of/The best stuffs still coming up so vest up heads up/Yer bound to get messed up or cold jacked/Face it like the Western Athletic Conference you WAC!
(Biting a rhyme/A full moon/Neon phosphorus electric)
Zoom Loco: Travesty beavers have the gall to badger me/Sad to see they don’t give their all to battle me/In spite of the fighting I rep gold for tritons or Midas don’t try this or be beavers biting/Coming from the side of abundant sunshine/My rhymes kicking line by line come untied/Know thou while I represent for So-Cal/For real Annandale is where I spill my know how/San Diego Legoland by the border/Close almost like 33.25/Rap rhymes not gifts/Cut rekkerds not wrists/Wu-Tang ‘n’ Blind Willie top my top 10 list/Write lyrics not checks/Drop beats ‘n’ not bombs/Run races not guns/Hit songs ‘n’ not bongs/Throw parties not punches/Freedom not free lunches/Drop hits not bodies for La Jolla’s most wanted/More proofing than looting/More hoops ‘n’ less shooting/Less crushing and Russian than Vladimir Putin/I’m serious even tho you think I’m playing/I’m ruff enuff to break So-Cal from the mainland
(What is is what ain’t ain’t nothing/A full moon/Phosphorus neon electric)
Math: We play it like that/We’re spraying raps straight exact/Cos to get where we’re going admit hip hop’s where it’s at/We rep the unkempt styles but I’m an old time rhymer/I kick the melodies like dada da dada/Ba baba bababa/Cos I’m old school like recess ‘n’ cubbies now buddy you regress but it simply seems less than stunning/So line up no shoving no pushing no cutting/Cos the first in line will be last but none match my cunning/I’m humming/Hummmmmmmmhooooo/Beavers dam the rivers with them teeth as big as you/Hummmmhail/I’m rapping on the mic from Canada to Annandale/Cos I dip I don’t dive/I don’t socialize/If my friends got no drive I just stay inside/Spin vinyl ‘n’ fly/Side B be the mine/Diamonds I find them gems shut the shine/Media blinds repeat weepy eyes/& the medium kinds should kindly sign the line…
(Biting a rhyme/A full moon/Electric phosphorus)
Track Name: Used Media
Used Media(3:08)you rate n watch clips n tricks on sick vids irate that it stink like brakes on the skids were burning the time like candlewicks kid watch too many flicks you get afflicted what the heck this is hell the checks in the mail expect the electorate rejects it to fail pity i might see the city@night its a hideous sight must get rid of this blight city of fallen angels hell a pleading the 5the im also guilty cant practice what i preach cos thats perfection below the radar escape detection i spit it straight w/o innuendo olde school as an 8bit nintendo break it down like a decrescendo til explosions happen@the drivethru window media used to be only media used to be rich n free become more than media corporate accountability i mix metaphors a bigset of drawers a bull in the candyshop get off the floors r get off the shores washed up in neworleans the oils foreign pour it on they strike a pose while the iron is hot the plot starts to thicken informed we are not quickly were stricken distracted by what the quicksand in this land is celebritytots media how easily this sleaze appeases poprapmedia meanings weakened people pleased w/o good rhymes r reasons this easterseasons such a beastly treason sacrificed like jesus r an unplanned fetus the luck is were stuck in the muck that they feed us what judas would do this not the cia not unabomber r osama but media in fact yr manufactured actor will fracture if you dont constantly back her crack her biting like a midnitesnacker we attack yr machine w only signs n placards like wheatthins we eat them too many to be thin we fat true that n we know where weve been yes i got class but no it aint upper i dine w finewine just@the lastsupper bus is broken n the kids are walking (magicmedia)
Track Name: Knick Knack Whack Gets Smacked
Knick Knack Whack Gets Smacked (4:49) [Math: Scratches, Samples, Machines]
(Like a nuclear bomb hitting thee ground)
[Math]: Slam these namby-pamby Cambrian MC’s who can’t handle me/Scram! Where’s yr manners? Yes ma’ams ‘n’ excuse me please!
Yr radio-phonic baloney from an era Mesozoic stayed stoic/I’ve put up with it, now let me stoke it
Before a Stone Age passes ‘n’ you feed thee masses/An opiate ‘n’ hope that it will satiate their passions
It Clashes <>--# with our longing for what’s lovely/We hurriedly search while they besmirch purity smugly
Stuck in thee past like thee +Dolorian+ broke down/& +Doc Brown+ ain’t there to pull ‘em out now
Windshield smeared too, eyes glued rearview/Themes are adhered to, no new limits pierced thru
BOO! It’s kizza-kinda scary isn’t it?/To know weak MC’s get G’s for their forgetfulness
Not knowing where rap started, thinking that they birthed it/You could listen to Rocafella for a year but not a second’s worth it
Ooops I blurted a quandary, conundrum/How those rappers lurk Triassic ‘n’ don’t know where they come from
If they don’t progress shouldn’t they know about thee old school? (yeah?)/No fool, let me explain thee sole rule
→Sales! Bottom Line? Sales!← /Artistry fails, white affluent males
Their primate attributes just barely evolved/Tho I hate their question of cash is solved
Format kept thee same, not a breakbeat has changed/Didn’t Run use that lyric? Fossilized in their brain
Classic styles won’t die but let’s move to new times/Where ideas fly freely from yr brain to mine
Rebellion is thinking, so why not fight?/Refusal to stoop to those who TRILOBITE
Words of pioneers, uh oh what’s that sound?/(Like a nuclear bomb hitting thee ground)
No Sunlite keeps ahead; Thee Medians won’t be misled
All we ask is you won’t be fed/That Weed No More → Thee Monkey Body Must Be Shed

[Zoom Loco]: Someone wondering what’s going on in Chechnya?/Something’s going down ‘n’ still thee bomb’s not letting up
Something’s Russian so that even if yer Chechen/Climate isn’t good for capital investing
+Mute Frances+ totally entranced like Yoda/Yer a crazy drunk? Well I’m a loco sober
Skip thee hip hop yo I’m crossing over/Flip some bebop or some bossanova
$No twin, no star, no bling bling/I like sparkle, I’m a-sing
Like a diamond in thee rough, I write my rhymes off thee cuff/Twinkle to become a planet, Pluto too small can’t be, can it?$
I kick, I kick, I kick, I keep kicking/Vehicles rolling, I’m playing chicken/It’s sickening these disgusting Beavers spouting
+I play electric guitar as I climb thee mountain+/A fountaineven tho my skills yer doubting/I try to +bring da ruckus+ ‘n’ despite yer shouting
My draw is that I rap for thee causes/My causes might be different from ya’lls/I ain’t too into women’s lib
Matter of fact, put this on wax that a woman’s place is in thee Crib/Or by thee Crib tending to thee childrens
Paying attention’s better than spending all thee cash for Ritalin
Traced to thee place that’s about faces/So racist wasters creates tremendous tasters/& all yer still all poor, destroyers like Star Wars
Yr bleeping hardcore porn, I beep-beep my car horn/Listen, my onomatopoeia tricks ‘n’/My diction goes Crash Smash Blam with friction
Like Nixon, thee tricky style filled with fricatives/I’m not indicted, but my style’s indicative

Spit Phat Battle Tracks, Hit That Daddy Mack/Knick Knack Paddy Whack Give A Dog A Bone
Get That Saddle Back, Skip Whack ‘Idol’ Tracks/Sit Back ‘n’ Relax On Thee Microphone

[Math]: My homegrown know how goes on, I execute art/Shoot smart, a 4 course service/no ala cart
From a true heart impart knowledge, stocked like Walmart/Trapped by verbal darts, pinned down by thee Charts
Chopped like Cuisinart, No Exit like Sartre/+Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right BA Select Start+
Do over, redo this, reset yr cart before yr horses/Redo this, do over, yr best 3 albums? Worthless!
Curses! Dignity disgraced, too many verses/It worsens, styles become much less earthen
While I get serving, getting low like dwarf men/If then, don’t send, Big Ben, Go again!

[Zoom Loco]: Call me “Zoom Zoom” or call me “Zoom Loco”/Warm it up +Vroom Vroom+ now turn up thee vocals
Thee locals know that my tone is thee best/& I zoom-zoom-loco like thee Pony Express/& yes I express righteousness ‘n’ no less
& thee zest doesn’t pester but leaves you impressed/Unless yr nest eggs may be less than blessed by those whose flows have already coalesced
Into thee ice crystal, +Pistol Gripped+ +Fistful of Steel+/For real, keep thee +potion that you spill+/& thee Gauntlet that I throw down
Navigate it with my know how/+Blue elf shot the food!+ Let’s go now
Straight to thee exit, spiral to thee next pit/Up one, one up, one world or World Cup/I’m kicking like penalties thee world over/GOAL!
I’m a-move fast like Zoom Loco/Can’t fight thee villain, less Cold ‘n’ more +Chillin’+/Know that +Top Billin’+ is held by Bob Zimmerman
Winner ‘n’ sitting with incredulous gape/Dealing it all with his sedulous apes
I spit it raw but I won’t spit it sloppy/A bit Southern drawl, it’s a style you can’t copy
You need curtain calls? You can sit there ‘n’ watch me/Or else let it drop to thee chorus, can’t stop me!