ancient burden

by ben horne / zoom loco

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ben horne zoom loco loco zoom


released July 8, 2010


tags: folk Annandale


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ben horne / zoom loco Annandale, Virginia

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Track Name: ancient burden
tied down by this ancient burden shackled by the load
one more time i'm lying tired stricken by the road

running an attrition program with only one man
just one misjudged misstep and it could be the end
pray for strength to stand to tanks and stop this evil plan
harder than a chinese google search for tiananmen

thinking of the ancient landscapes, uncut and unhoed
one more parking structure built, one more asphalt road

pattern can be understood as verse and chorus verse
life is even simpler we are cursed to work then hearse
everything's already said but secrets can be found
there's no way to get ahead; we climb by reaching down

coming down this ancient mountain where the rivers flowed
plan the planting, have a harvest, gather seeds we sowed

see the flame, maintain the light, and shine it around
see the shadow do what's right, time to leave this town
rise from ashes like the phoenix if we were refused
stained glass window, shades of chartreuse, we have been imbued

enthralled by this ancient vision, inspired by the code
a revelation, way of living, home is my abode

falter there before the altar; go and make amends
assault the sin and kill the killer destroying the trends
ignore all the non-prophets and they will disappear
end debate and set it straight, and narrow gate is near

saddled with this ancient burden, carrying the load
one more rhyme, we rise and ready pressing down the road