solstice in a northern graveyard

from by ben horne / zoom loco

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the final song ben and math ever recorded. knowing that now, we should have put more effort into making sure that everything was in time and on key - but these were always difficult tasks for both. the 2nd verse/chorus is particularly offbeat, but the disjointed demo charm is part of the style. if you've grown up listening to ben's first band, wacko-hed, you shouldn't be shocked.

ben sounds more stuck in 90's grunge than ever before - doing his best mudhoney / tad riff. lyrically, it's easy to read prophecies into this final musical word ("there is no final word" - frodus), as ben was reflecting on gods, graves, and death. the title refers to a peaceful yet haunting spot he loved in his lithuanian fatherland. he wrote a blog about these ideas the day after he recorded the song:

ben never got to hear this track as it was sitting around stale while math worked on other projects. but listen now.

ben - lyrics, vocals
math - guitars, drums
jana - harmonies


solstice in a northern graveyard

shackled by the load, if you can’t unlock it
one thing you can’t know, even though you thought it
something we can’t own, even though we bought it
even if it's so, it is now forgotten

abandoned mossy graves
the mystery is foreign
sacrificed the swamp
the wolf was so alluring

we have lost our selves
but we have each other
we must find the path
there is not another

ancestors’ breath
as wind through my teeth
it’s maybe true or not
better you believe it


from solstice in a northern graveyard, track released January 2, 2012


tags: folk Annandale


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ben horne / zoom loco Annandale, Virginia

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